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About Us

CNK English is an English education company that connects English teachers from North America with South Korean students.

CNK started in 2014 with only one Canadian teacher and one South Korean student, however, it has been steadily growing since then.

Now, we are working with more than 100 amazing teachers and providing classes to more than 600 South Korean students every month.

We are still a small company, but we are extremely confident with what we do.

Join our team and help make an impact for Koreans who are eager to learn how to speak English!

We are hiring!

native english speaker

We are looking for individuals whom have been raised in North America. Anyone who has finished primary and middle school in North America, as well as can converse without an accent can be considered a candidate!


Punctuality is extremely important for this position, therefore you should be a punctual individual as well as be able to follow and organize a formal schedule.


You will be meeting new people, and will be leading classes for many students! Strong social skill is one of the key requirements for this position.

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Benefits of CNK English


You can have flexible work hours and work in your own room. There is no need to commute!


80% of our students are adults and 20% are young students. If you enjoy meeting new people and having conversations with them, CNK is a great option for you.


We have our own materials which can help teachers to have fun conversations about various topics in each class.


No degree is needed as long as you have passion in teaching, learning about new cultures, and are able to provide good lessons to your students.


Our staffs will kindly answer any questions or problems you are struggling with. You can always get prompt responses from us!


You can get weekly payments by PayPal.


Rhonda A.

Louis R.

Israel T.

Allan E.

Juliana F.

Nathalia G.

I have been a counselor and teacher, most of my life. Working with CNK English has been very rewarding in so many ways. The staff and company are very friendly, helpful, professional and prompt. A flexible schedule, weekly pay and fun environment are just some of the perks working with CNK. Among my students, I have met some amazing people of all ages and enjoyed the exchange of culture, language and learning. some have become more than just my students, they are friends. I look forward to working every day and plan to be with CNK English, for a long time.

I have worked for CNK English for about 3 and a half years and it has been an extremely enjoyable and rewarding job. I love that I get to meet a wide variety of interesting people and help them improve their English skills. I teach people from many different age groups from young children to older adults. It is great that you have the freedom to choose who you want to teach depending on your preferences. There is a wide range of ways that you can teach students such as using books provided for free by CNK English, free-talking, helping them prepare for job interviews or English tests or even using news articles. I think it is extremely rewarding when you see your students improve their English skills through your lessons. Working from home using the internet is very convenient because I never have to worry about commuting to work and it allows me to save valuable time and money. I can even work while travelling, I continued to teach using this program while I was in China for two months, I thought it was amazing that I have a job that allows me to work even when I am on the other side of the world. The fact that you get paid weekly is excellent and I have never had any issues getting paid. The staff who are a part of this program are very helpful and understanding, they can always help you in any situation. I have had many great experiences with this program so far and I hope to continue teaching students using CNK English for a long time!

CNK English has been a great company to work for. I have worked for the company for three plus years and I have enjoyed it. I started to work for the company when it was in it's first year of service. Through the building process of the company I have had the pleasure to see it grow and get more established. Along with the growing process I have also enjoyed the convenience of my job. I have had control over my work load and students that I want to teach. Although it's a part time job, it has given me an opportunity to explore other outside projects that a normal job would not normally allow me to. If I were asked if working for CNK English would be a good choice. I would say yes because I have majority control of my time and work load. With those benefits in mind, a teacher can grow in experience and still have time to do other activities that are not related to teaching.

I have been a CNK English teacher for 3 years. The flexibility in the schedule allows me to teach Korean students before and after I teach at my regular teaching job during the day. I enjoy working with the motivated students to achieve their goals, whether it be for learning English for work, school, travel or personal reasons. Also I have an opportunity to learn about the Korean culture and share information about Canada. It is interesting to discuss world events and get a perspective from another country. Working with CNK English has been a positive experience.

I am a freelance nutrition consultant and nomad so working for CNK English has been a great fit. I am able to schedule students at times that are not commonly busy with my nutrition consulting and have flexibility over my work schedule which is perfect for my lifestyle. Working from home and being paid on a weekly basis are also big benefits of the job for me. My students range in age and way of life, which, I think, keeps the work interesting. I like to talk to them about all different types of subjects, we commonly talk about news headlines, interesting articles, and differences between Canadian and Korean culture. The management of CNK English are passionate and loveable people who have been very nice and understanding towards me. I have enjoyed working with CNK English so far and can't see myself quitting any time soon.

My name is Nathalia, and I have been teaching english for over 10 years. I discovered my passion for teaching when i was in high school, and every since, languages have been a very important part in my life. I was lucky enough to have travelled and lived in many different countries as I was growing up. This made it easier for me to learn different languages such as Spanish, Italian, french and Portuguese. Not only did I pick up an interest in languages, but i was also fascinated by different cultures and ways of living. As I grew up, i discovered I had a passion for medicine, and in fact I decided to become a radiologist and work in the health care field. Because of this, I was forced to choose between teaching and medicine, however, when I discovered CNK i knew i had finally found the perfect program. CNK allows me to pick classes that fit my schedule, without requiring me to miss or interfere with my other job. As previously mentioned, This program also allows me to learn about different people, their cultures and their experiences. CNK is a reliable company, and the past four years as an employee have been great and i have had no issues at all. CNK provides a lot of very good material which allows for structured lessons guaranteeing growth, and i believe the diverse topics covered in the materials are great for all ages and english levels.